Thursday, August 8, 2013

Free Music Sites That Will Not Put You in Jail

I love getting things for free. It's about the best price out there for anything. I also really enjoy music and discovering new music.

Here are a few sites that offer free music... LEGALLY! (As far as I know...) It is usually not music that is popular, so it is just given out for free. This is often for promotional reasons.

Anyway, these are some sites that I snag free music from. I often end up finding songs I play over and over again. I hope you have the same luck.


This one is more popular for dance, dub step, and hip-hop sounds. Make sure you click songs that say "Free download" or something similar.

This has all different kinds of music from millions of users. Some of it is a little sketchy on the legality scale. However you can use your judgement in this area. Make sure you click songs that say "Free download" or something similar.

This site is very diverse and often advertises new upcoming artists. You can find many different types of music here. To actually get free music you need to check individual artists pages and see if any of the songs say "Free download" next to them. I look at the top download charts and go the pages of artists with songs that I like.

Amazon Free mp3 Downloads

Amazon also offers a large amount of free music. You have to look hard, but I have found really good music .This is the direct link. 

Otherwise, just check the free section on iTunes. They always have music that ends up being popular. I got "Animal" by Neon Trees, "Clarity" by Zedd (ft. Foxes), "Fireflies" by Owl City, and many other great songs for FREE!!!

Happy Hunting! Always keep your mind open when looking for new music!

-Danielle <3

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Where to Buy Discount DVD's

I am a huge movie fan. I am also a huge fan of saving money. So I tend to buy DVD's at discount prices. Granted this does not always guarantee you find exactly the movie you want, but you never know what you can find.

Here are a few places that offer great DVD discounts, often including used:

1. Newbury Comics

2. $5 Bin at Walmart

3. F.y.e


5. Also check OnDemand. You can watch a movie for about $5.

6. OnDemand also offers free movies. They are not always favorites, sometimes you can find them. Or you might find a movie you end up liking.

10 Fun Thrifty Activities for College Students

Being in college makes you really watch your spending. However, we all still have free time!

So the biggest question: What can we do without spending a fortune? is a list of activities that are fun, local, and FREE/VERY CHAEP!

1. Hangin' at the beach

2. Going to the library

3. Going for a walk

4. College student center and activities

5. Thrift Shopping

6. Farmer's Markets

7. Flea Markets

8. Search local events/classes:
   - Libraries often offer free movies, classes, and performances
   - Look at your town's local website; they often list local events

9. Geocaching: I plan on trying this for sure! Here is the website for more info!

10. Play sports! Get fresh air! Get a group together and split into teams! (Maybe I should take my own advice)

Here are some other helpful website articles:

Monday, August 5, 2013

Geocaching: Something I Plan on Trying

Geocaching is sort of like a treasure hunt. "Geocaches," little boxes and other containers with "treasures" inside, are placed worldwide. Your mission: to find them! When you find them, you sign your name in a journal, take an item from the container, and leave one of the same or greater value. AND ITS FREE!


- often placed in areas where getting there is half the fun
-great to do with friends

Here is the website for more info:

And a video:

I will write again if I do end up doing this. Maybe I will include video as well? Who knows? I sure don't? HAHA Just kidding..... Or am I?

-Danielle <3

The Infamous First Post

Upon one of my many quests of tackling boredom on the internet (and depriving myself of sleep) I felt my urges getting stronger and stronger. Somewhere deep down, I have wanted to have a blog. I guess everyone feels that way every now and then. But suddenly this evening, while browsing the internet, certain articles lead me to a final conclusion-I need to start a blog.

So I immediately came here to Blogger (I already had an account.)

I have decided to share random tid-bits here and there that I have discovered through mindless hours of pointless research on the internet. This will include:

-Fun, Thrify activities
-other random fun ideas!

Now my biggest ordeal; tackling laziness in order to DO these things...

To be continued.....

-Danielle <3